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Because my data from the cafe in the basement was corrupt (I had sent a student worker to bring me hot chocolate, and so I didn’t know whether it was made from a syrup or a powder), I felt fully justified in trying there again… especially since it let me avoid an elevator ride with someone I don’t like.


Also, there is a hidden syrup option that doesn’t appear anywhere on the menu – I just happened to spot a jug of mayan chocolate syrup on their counter.

Today’s hot chocolate, therefore, was incredibly sinfully good, but I have no idea whether I should blame that on “exotic” chocolate or the fact that the other syrup was added on top of the regular syrup and I had 160% of the recommended chocolate syrup portioning. MMmmm!

And there was more decorative syrup on top of the whipped cream.

A+ for the convenient cafe. (but possibly not replicable)

ETA: totally replicable.


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