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Why does No Counter Space also have No Pictures?

What kind of food blog is this without any pictures?

Well, it’s a food blog – without pictures.

I don’t even own a camera. And, frankly, after a spectacular trip to Italy and coming back to reel after reel of film wherein I managed to make Rome look boring, I’ve not made photography a priority in my life. Let me tell you how much more fun I find traveling without having to worry about recording everything for posterity… well, right then and there, since writing is still for recording things for posterity.

So what self respecting food blogger would dare post without pictures?

Me. See, I didn’t start writing about food in order to produce a food blog. I just had entries about food on my regular personal blog. And then one day I noticed that most of my entries were about food. And then I noticed that there was a whole community of people interacting through blogs about food… only I’d have to make my entries public to enter the discourse. And that’s why this is a bit of an odd blog.

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