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Identity and Ethics

Let me be clear – Livia is not my real name.

Yes, I will answer to it. Yes, I will present it as a consistent online identity, and I expect to be held responsible for what I write under this name.

But, no, I am not using my real name.

I have ambitions toward privacy and security. While I do know how fleeting that can be, I’m at least working in that direction.

With that exception, I fully support the Food Blogger Code of Ethics.

Oh, wait, one more caveat. One of the accountability statements reads:

If we review a restaurant, product or culinary resource we will hold ourselves to a standard set of guidelines as offered by the Association of Food Journalists.

And I can not promise that I will visit a restaurant more than once or that I will sample the full range of items on the menu. That’s not in my budget. But I will tell you what I ordered and how often I went, and that’s the best I can do. And since I’m not offering a “final judgment” on a restaurant (because I’m not a restaurant reviewer – I am just a person with a blog writing about my experiences with food, and I work pretty hard to make clear that there are no pretensions toward glamor here), I figure that my limitations are fair.

Oh, yeah. So I am not a professional. I am not planning to spin this blog into a book deal. I don’t think you are coming here for the poetic prose and the dramatic photography. Instead, I hope you are coming here because I do nifty things with food. Sometimes it’s nifty because I go to a random food convention and try a bunch of stuff; sometimes it’s nifty because I am playing with ancient Roman recipes; sometimes it’s nifty because you can see how I am planning meals so that I don’t waste glorious fresh produce; and sometimes it’s nifty because it went horribly, horribly wrong.

And if you are finding this all as nifty as I do, welcome to my food.

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