YAY! ~slump~

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Car found!

It’s suspiciously close to a fire hydrant, but that’s where the city put it, so I’m leaving it there until streets are better.

Fine high, but not as bad as I’d been willing to grit and bear. So I’ll call that a win.

Now to summon up energy for the rest of the cooking I had planned

  • Chana Masala – Done, turned out really well! Wonderful flavor and a spice level that’s just challenging for me
  • bread baking – Done, got it nice and chewy like storebought bead (yes, this was a goal)
  • canning 1 more batch of stock – ETA:Done, now I have a full case of 12
  • and starting a pot of beans and ham hocks

Oh, yeah, and I promised the cat I’d clean her water fountain

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