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This was a poll I posted about Celery –


of the devil. …in the bad way
8 (19.0%)

nastiest ingredient ever – and why do people insist on putting pieces too tiny to pick out into chicken salad and miscellaneous soups?
12 (28.6%)

kinda gross
5 (11.9%)

a suitable conveyance for condiments into my mouth (so I don’t have to scoop up the blue cheese dressing with a spoon when it comes with hot wings)
17 (40.5%)

Actually, I rather like celery. It is both delicious and healthy. (Shun! Shun! Shun the unbeliever!)
16 (38.1%)

I am from a land without this abomination. I know not of what you speak.
1 (2.4%)

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