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farmers’ market bounty

I went to the farmers’ market this weekend, and ended up buying a bit much, so I’ll try to work it into recipes

5 very ripe tomatoes
4 small zucchini

Meal 1: Pasta primavera
the tomatoes, zucchini, fresh garlic, and fresh basil
with white wine and olive oil


Meal 2:
I want to make cauliflower and peas in a curry sauce… but I think I want an English curry instead of an Indian one… and recipe recommendations?

large purple eggplant

Meal 3: Eggplant curry
with an Indian recipe… tomatoes and stuff. I’ll need to buy cilantro for it because I’ve already used up all I have been growing.

4 white potatoes

Leftovers from dinner out for my father’s birthday:
roast prime rib

Meal 4: Hash
Cut into cubes and cook with onions and a bit of gravy

1 small purple and white striped eggplant
2 bell peppers

Meal 5: No idea… how about some Stir Fry? I have pork, beef, and chicken… or I could get some fresh tofu around the block.

So… guessing by how ripe things are and by how long they’ll last, I think the meals need to go –
1, 3, 2, 5, 4

And, luckily, I only have an option for 5-10 hours of overtime this week, so I should have time and energy to cook.

Anyone want to opt in on a meal?

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