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C is for Cookie

Apparently this is the week for really good cookies.

Here is the IM transcript of me orgasming over a cookie last night… and possibly being mocked for it:

Livia: oh my god
Meghan: what?
Livia: I bought a pastry from the halal market
Livia: and we forgot to eat it
Livia: but oh my god, it is amazing
Meghan: hee??
Livia: better than baklava
Livia: it is … it is so good
Meghan: …wow
Livia: it’s pastry and nuts and honey
Livia: and the outside is crispy but the inside is gooey
Meghan: mmm
Livia: and it’s got a little bit of chocolate drizzled on top
Meghan: mm
Livia: and it kinda tastes like really good cookie dough
Livia: I want to run right out and buy more of it
Meghan: hee
Livia: I probably could have gone a lot longer without knowing the world’s best pastry is right across the street 24 hours a day
Meghan: HA
Meghan: that’s sort of convenient, though…
Livia: in a bad way
Meghan: but pastry!
Livia: Oh, man
Livia: I could eat a whole tray of it
Livia: I had a piece about 1″ x 7″
Livia: it was less than a dollar
Meghan: woo!
Meghan: that’s awesome
Livia: I could so buy the whole tray
Meghan: for , like, cheap
Livia: oh, man
Meghan: hee

And I swear I didn’t eat it until way after dark

And then my boss just got bribed with cookies today for a special job we did – and since she isn’t comfortable with bribes, we get to eat all the cookies. So good.

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