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Menu planning

Possible meals for tonight –

Meal #1 – Quesadillas
Ingredients I’d need to purchase
cheese $2-5
tortillas $3ish (I don’t buy them often, so I’m not sure)
Avocado <$1 salsa $3 mushrooms $1 Meal #2 - Eggplant curry Ingredients needed - Eggplant $1 onions $1 yogurt (optional) $2 nan (optional) $2 Meal #3 - Mushroom Risotto flavored with truffle juice Ingredients needed - mushrooms $1 heavy cream $4 (Can you make risotto without finishing cream? Cause then it'd be the cheapest by far) (ETA: yes, I know you can - but it's a question of whether it is morally right.)

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