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Not quite a restaurant review – Bump

I snuck out (with permission) between ushering shifts for the film festival, and tried The Bump because it was close and looked interesting – all appetizers, all the time: sounds like my kind of place.

So I was sitting there overhearing a couple who disparaged the film festival flier and then proceeded to *eat my food!*

No, really!

After I’d been sitting there half an hour with no food, they mentioned to my waiter that they wanted to make sure the sampler platter they had happily eaten wouldn’t be on their bill since they hadn’t ordered it…. And that was my dinner!

The couple and I ended up finishing and leaving the restaurant at the same time, and the guy put his hand on my shoulder (touched me!) and said, “You are much more patient than I would have been.”

And because I was wearing my volunteer shirt from the festival, I did not turn around and whine, “OMG, you ate my food!” Instead, I just stood their with my mouth hanging open as they walked away.

(Yes, I did get food eventually, but I had been very hungry and then I had to rush through the platter – which despite sounding like a decent sampler only included 2 shrimp, 1 potsticker, and 2 eggrolls, and while they were tasty and gourmet, that was not the size of a selection of 5 of the appetizers that I had been expecting – and I ended up being late to my next volunteer assignment)

And they ate my food! And then they tried to commiserate with my over the bad service when there was 1 waiter working the full restaurant.

And they were nasty, smug people.