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Apple picking?

I have a decent amount I need to get done this weekend, so I’m not up for any trips out of state, but – I’m thinking apple picking would make a nice afternoon this Saturday.

Where: Linvilla Orchard
What: fruit list

I have room in my car for three other people, if anyone else is interested. And unless you are a pie-giving freak, a boxful is more than plenty for 4 people.

Note: We will not be going near the pumpkin fair or the farmers market, and there will still probably be too many kids – but I think we can be in and out in two or three hours, not counting travel time, and still feel as though we have savored the outdoor autumn life. Or something like that.

So last time I went, I look the way where you just go on this road, turn onto another road, and then you are there. Only that took an hour and a half. I think that if I stay off of Baltimore Pike/Road, which I have decided is an evil road (scenic, but soul sucking, then I can probably get there in a third of the time. Really – mapquest says so. 🙂 Don’t worry, I also have a real map.

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