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food lists – whee!

What I have
2 apples
several small potatoes
1 red bell pepper
jalepeno peppers (fairly spicy, since it’s the end of the season)
2 limes
1 zucchini
possibly some basil still

1 pork roast, taken out to thaw this morning – should be ready by the weekend
ground turkey, taken out to thaw yesterday
capon leftovers – probably too old to eat
chicken stock
3 eggs that need to be used soonish

1/2 loaf of white bread
pie crust

plans for that food
So I’ve been craving dumplings. The ground turkey will be stuffed full of minced garlic and ginger and maybe drizzled with some oyster sauce and left to sit a bit. I should do that tonight.

I’ve for turkey sausage in the freezer. I’ll pop two out and make: sausage, potato, and kale with maybe also bell pepper, onion, and jalepeno. I think that’ll go with pasta, but maybe that’ll be too much starch. On the other hand, I could scramble eggs into it at the last minute, instead.

And then the pork roast to use up my rosemary that has started to bolt.

That leaves in the urgent-ish category:
chicken stock

I could make a bread soup…