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Food list and planning

Food I have
1 apple
1 pears
6 radishes
spinach (5oz baby, 5 oz adult)
collard greens
2 cucumbers
snow peas
1 yellow squash (aging)
1 red bell pepper
4 rhubarb stalks
several pounds of pecans

Prepared produce
roasted eggplant
4 heads roasted garlic
2/3 can of tomato sauce (transferred to a jar)
chipotle salsa
chipotle in adobo sauce
orange juice
soy milk

sour cream
2/3 quart whole (unhomogenized) milk

end of a cheese/pepperoni bread
pita chips

beef strips marinated in black pepper sauce and pineapple juice

Meals from that
Thursday, June 25
breakfast: cereal with sliced apple on top w/ soy milk; 2 pears
dinner: out at an Indian restaurant (acquire mint clippings)
prep: set meusli to soak for Friday’s breakfast; candy rhubarb

Friday, June 26
breakfast: meusli – oats, milk, orange juice, dried fruit, pecans
lunch: at conference
5:30 dinner: quick spinach salad (grab tzatziki, hummus, pita chips, snow peas, and a serving dish)
7pm party

Saturday, June 27
breakfast: yogurt
10am yoga
11:45 pilates
1pm – second breakfast: greens on a bagel w/ cream cheese
(*hand off bridge table to its owner)
go to parents’
dinner: make dinner for parents – no idea what to make, since my father has been having trouble keeping food down lately

Sunday, June 28
breakfast: yogurt w/ candied rhubarb
10am yoga
noon: try breakfast at new cafe
2pm – D&D, dinner with those folks. Possible pack up some spinach for a side salad

Monday, June 29
breakfast: greens on a bagel
11am – meeting with home ownership services to see about programs to help me buy a house some day
1-9 work
dinner: turn roasted eggplant into Baigan Bhartha

Tuesday, June 30
breakfast: omelet w/ herbs
dinner: stir fry – marinating beef, yellow squash, red bell pepper, onion, carrot

Wednesday, July 1
go to produce truck

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