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food planning

I have three meals of food in my fridge – if only I have three nights of energy to make them.

Meal #1 – stir fry
beef, already cut in strips (but I haven’t added a marinade)
snow peas

Meal #2 – quesadillas
Mexican chorizo
leftover sauteed onions & peppers
summer squash
salsa (not yet made)

Meal #3 – imam bayaldi
olive oil

food in fridge not accounted for:
chicken leftovers
the rest of the summer squash
green beans
more tomatoes

Tuesday, August 4
9pm go home promptly
line a baking sheet with foil
split green tomatoes in halves and set to roasting (350F)

clear off sewing table and pull out sewing machine

turn roasting pan

get out sewing machine, plug it in, and find white thread

wash japanese eggplants. Peel in strips and place in soup pot until the base if covered, no more (if there is eggplant left over, it’s going in the stir fry). Add olive oil to the soup pot and brown the eggplant, turning as you go.

Mark up the pants, and pin them while you are standing around turning the eggplant.

put roasted tomatoes in a container in the fridge.

Microwave cooked leeks, chop up tomatoes, chop garlic, chop parsley, squeeze lemon into a teacup and mix in sugar and some water

fill eggplants, pour liquid over, close up pot, lower heat, and let cook for 45 minutes.

hem pants

Wednesday, August 5
If pants are not hemmed yet, hem them OMG!
if pants are hemmed, vacuum floor.

breakfast: slice up the rest of friend’s bread and toast it. Mix together diced fresh tomato, roasted garlic, basil, and balsamic vinegar. Eat bruschetta.

toast some blueberry muffins and top with blueberry jelly.

set out work clothing

pack to take to work: peach chipotle jam

on way to karate, see if the thrift store has a bit canning pot

10:20am – karate!

1pm-9pm work work work

2pm – pop head out to the farmers’ market and offer to trade jam for more free peaches

9pm – leave work promptly (hopefully, lugging peaches home)

wash and slice all the summer squash, sautee it with fajita seasoning

pull the green tomatoes out of the fridge and remove the skins. Make salsa out of them.

stir a marinade into the stir fry beef

Pull the squash out and sautee the sausage. Add the onions and peppers in at the end.

make a salsa from fresh tomatoes?

pre-treat laundry?

make quesadillas and eat them – nom nom nom

save leftovers bits that didn’t fit in quesadillas.

Thursday, August 5
remove pie crust from fridge

8:30am take laundry to laundromat

slice open melon and eat it.

put pie crust in pie plate and prick

retrieve laundry and hang to dry

bake pie crust

plant cherry tomato plant?

buy dairy product?

put into crust:
– leftover chorizo
– leftover cooked squash
– parsley, lovage, thyme, savory
– leftover chicken
– any leftover cooked leek
– cheese
– eggs
– dairy

Make a quiche!

Don’t have time to eat the quiche, so pop it, loosely covered, in the fridge

go to work

work work work

9pm – come home promptly

remove clothes from line and put away

make stir fry!

read book for book group

Friday, August 7
cut a slice of quiche and take it to work for breakfast! Be smug.

pack to take to work: exercise clothes, grey yarn, roma tomatoes, a few regular tomatoes

9-5 work

5:30-6:45 yoga

7pm – dinner – of quiche!

8-11pm book group

come home and cut up some peaches and sugar them – put in refrigerator

Saturday, August 8
wake up early and cut and sugar the rest of the peaches

10-11:30 yoga
11:45-12:45 pilates

1pm go home and bathe, OMG! (yes, theoretically this has happened a few more times in the schedule, but still)

possibly eat – bagel and cream cheese? With a fried egg? Or maybe, just maybe, there might be some quiche left.

get character sheet and take a jar of peach sauce over to gaming group for hanging out and experimental food.


Chances of all of that happening with none falling by the wayside? Approaching 0%, but we’ll see.

One thought on “food planning”

  1. I am pretty sure that schedule is unsustainable by any human person, dude.

    Conclusion: You are a robot.

    Indeed. I totally punted on dinner last night, but I did get the green tomatoes broiled and skinned. Tonight’s dinner should be simpler (and I won’t have a stupid karate uniform to hem that will break my sewing machine!), and maybe I can make the imam bayildi at the same time to put up for lunches… or maybe that’ll be Sunday’s dinner.

    – Livia

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