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Escapism in bookstore format

In New York visiting my grandmother. She went to sleep at 7:30pm, so I said I’d head down and see if I liked the movie they are playing her, and if not walk around a bit. She said she’d worry terribly and had no idea why I’d put off going out until so late (because you are asleep, then, grandmother, and so I will not be neglecting my duties to you).

So I slipped out to the new Barnes & Noble near her.

(On the way there, I popped into Bed, Bath, and Beyond – because it was there – to see if they sold individual measuring cups, and they do not. I’ll try Williams Sonoma on Monday)

Tried a new tea – Harney & Son’s Bangkok Blend: green tea, lemongrass, coconut and ginger. Just a smidgen too heavy on the lemongrass, but otherwise quite pleasant. It’s main problem was that it tasted a bit more like food than tea, so now I want to use this flavor to make rice some day.

Read 10 pages of Age of the Conglomerates to discover that it’s nowhere near as innovative as it thinks it is. And sucks at world building, to boot.

Wandered around the travel section reading up on Birmingham and Wales. I need to get the last couple days of hostel reservations nailed down – maybe I’ll give up on Brecon Beacons and try Swansea, but I am ridiculously enamored of the idea of Brecon.

Stepped out of the building to go back to the old folks’ home, and it was lightly snowing. I really need to get shoes, but it’s kind of neat to have snowflakes falling on my toes.

tea and a movie

GeeksDoItBetter and I watched The Hard Word with Guy Pierce. It was a heist movie I picked up randomly because VHS is cheap as can be these days. But we both like heist movies, and this was the video we picked.

But, ummm… guys… you’re doing it wrong.

When you meet the characters in prison, you kind of think one of them might have a dark secret… well, the closest you get is confessed to the shrink to get into her pants and doesn’t affect the action at all. You’d think that the merry band of thieves might not trust each other 100%, but no, they’re brothers and they’re sticking together through it all. You’d think the obvious bad guy might be a misdirection from the sneaky bad guy, but no. You’d think that when one of the brothers gets sick before the big heist, it would be part of some clever plan and create opportunities for deception; but no, he just whinges a bit and gets on with things without it really affecting his job performance. When they lose the money, you’d think that it might be someone double crossing them to steal it all for his/herself; but not so much a double cross as the main guy being stupid enough to tell the Bad Guy where he stashed the money. Really. So you’d think that when the Bad Guy comes back to the six months later with another heist proposal they’d find some way to double cross him and steal all the money, but no, they just shoot him. *blink*

Not the movie I was looking for.

Also, it would have helped if the female lead could act… or even move her mouth when she talks.

And I tried a new tea over at [redacted]’s: Republic of Tea’s Yerba Mate Latte

tasting notes: deep, chocolaty brew. An exotic blend of cocoa and Brazilian mate, featuring small amount of natural caffeine. Rooibos, cactus flowers and almonds add depth to this deep rich brew. Add steamed milk for a creamy herbal latte.

It was every bit as rich and tasty as promised, but it was right on the line as to whether it should have dairy in it. On the one hand, it’s rich and desserty; but on the other hand, it’s green and red teas and not too bitter or dark. I ended up putting milk in it, and was pleased.

I have ordered a canister for myself. ETA: …or I thought I had.

Novus Tea

At the party at work, I tried a new brand of tea: Novus Tea‘s Kenilworth Ceylon. It’s a tasty black tea with no off notes. It doesn’t brew as darkly as mighty leaf, but it had a full enough flavor that I was willing to add cream. I might sneak up to the end of the party to also try the Egyptian Mint – usually mint tea does not appeal to me, but something about the packaging was seductive.

Bring Tea and Oil

I am pondering putting in an order to Mighty Leaf for some more luxury tea. I can’t really afford it this month, but maybe next month.

And I’m noticing that they always have free shipping for orders over $75, so if anyone in the area wants to join in the order, that’d be awesome, too.

But here’s what I’m pondering while I’m not actually buying yet:

one from Column A: (Sexy Dessert-type Black teas that I’ll drink any ole time)
Pear Caramel
Orchid Oolong (and don’t let the Oolong part fool you, this is a yummy dark tea)

and one from Column B: (Warm and Toasty Green teas full of flavour)
Hojicha (on sale right now, if I buy 100)
Kyoto Rice

My mother would go in on the order by buying their Darjeeling, but while it’s a very wonderful tea I’m not sure it’s wonderful enough for the price. Other places do very well at your standard black teas.

Oh, and remember when I was pimping the olive oil people? Alejandro & Martin? Well I liked their oil, but I got an email saying that they are probably going out of business. The only discount is off shipping if you spend over $250 (HA!), but I did go and pick up a couple 100mL bottles before they completely ran out.


So yesterday I was feeling antsy and a little achy, so I went for a leisurely three hour walk.

I bought some chocolate bars, popped into DiBruno brothers for some gooey cheese and a loaf of bread to eat it with, stopped in Williams Sonoma and registered for a free class on cocktail party tips (and ate yummy free samples), and then got some tea at Last Drop (which no longer carries Mad Hatter’s Teaparty, which doesn’t seem otherwise to exist outside of Canada) and sat outside to drink it with my cheese and bread.

Then I happened across a nifty block of Pine Street with a whole row of cute little boutique shops – my favorite one is here. Then I was almost there and I hadn’t been in a while, so I went over to check out Passional (NWS) – they now have two stores! – one for clothing and corsetry and a whole separate two-story shop with the sex toys and art gallery.

And then today, I went to the gym, too.

At work, however, I found out that I wasn’t supposed to work on Friday. It was a holiday and no one told me. However, my boss was there, too, and she saw me there. So I am going to get paid (overtime?) for showing up. Woo HOOO!

Also, I just tasted the chocolate I bought – Vosges’ macha tea dark milk chocolate – I am so happy – This stuff is incredible. It’s not astringent at all, just smooth and soothing.