Whee! There are so many fun food things coming up.

The Chinese Cultural Center got its act together this year and is having a New Year Banquet (Jan 26 – April 30). They have brought chefs from the Expo Garden Hotel in the Yunnan Province. It’s the standard 9-course meal, but they have raised the prices quite a bit. It’s $48 (before tip) for weekends! I wonder if they have also acquired more comfortable chairs.

Meanwhile, it is almost Center City Restaurant Weekagain – January 25-30, with some continuing on through February 1-6. If I’m going to do Chinese New Year, then I’ll not be able to go out for more than one night. Well, here’s my short list of places I want to try:

  • Alfa – 1709 Walnut Street – Jan only (special menu)
  • Bridget Foy’s – 200 South Street – Jan & Feb (special menu)
  • Cuba Libre – 10 South 2nd Street – Jan & Feb (special menu)
  • Downey’s Restaurant – 526 South Front Street – Jan only (special menu)
  • LaCroix – 210 Rittenhouse Square – Jan only (special menu)
  • Mantra – 122 South 18th Street – Jan only (special menu)
  • Seafood Unlimited – 270 South 20th Street – Jan only (special menu)
  • Time – 1315 Sansom Street – Jan only (special menu)

And I am discussing with a friend cooking up a dinner party for charity.

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