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Food List

Food I Have
kale (needs to be used soonish)
3 beets + greens
3 large leeks
1 eggplant
5 winter tomatoes
1 cauliflower
4 pears
3 scallions
16 small persimmons
vegetable stock

generic cheddar cheese
fine eating cheddar cheese
generic pepper jack
cream cheese
sour cream

nothing – need to buy tortillas & bagels

Meals I shall make
Wednesday, January 28
dinner: Kale & tomato with poached egg on top
*make scallion cream cheese

Thursday, January 29
breakfast: muffin & butter
dinner: coffee out with friends

Friday, January 30
*buy tofu and set it to marinating in sambal olek
breakfast: sauteed onion, kale, and tomato w/ egg poached on top
dinner: spicy tofu with beet greens

Saturday, January 31
first breakfast: blueberry yogurt & pear
– buy pita bread from halal grocery
second breakfast: kale & tomatoes (on half a bagel?)
– buy cilantro and cucumbers from produce truck
– buy quart of yogurt from supermarket
*make pita chips
*make tzatziki
dinner: aloo gobi

Sunday, February 1
first breakfast: peach yogurt & persimmons
brunch: bagel & scallion cheese, bacon, fried egg
*roast eggplant & beets
*fry leeks
*make pork & bean chili
-buy more veggies at produce truck?
dinner: grab something quick by yoga studio
supper: pita chips & tzatziki, reheated aloo gobi?, ??

2 thoughts on “Food List”

  1. So, this is the sort of thing that I’m likely to regret asking, but how on earth did you end up with sixteen persimmons?

    (And now I’m going back to bed.)

  2. They were in a little plastic tub with netting around, so I couldn’t ask for the set to be split. And all together they were only $3 at my produce truck. And they are wee.

    Sleep well, and feel better, pretty.

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