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Food List

Food I Have
kale (needs to be used soonish)
3 beets + greens
3 large leeks
1 eggplant
5 winter tomatoes
1 cauliflower
4 pears
3 scallions
16 small persimmons
vegetable stock

generic cheddar cheese
fine eating cheddar cheese
generic pepper jack
cream cheese
sour cream

nothing – need to buy tortillas & bagels

Meals I shall make
Wednesday, January 28
dinner: Kale & tomato with poached egg on top
*make scallion cream cheese

Thursday, January 29
breakfast: muffin & butter
dinner: coffee out with friends

Friday, January 30
*buy tofu and set it to marinating in sambal olek
breakfast: sauteed onion, kale, and tomato w/ egg poached on top
dinner: spicy tofu with beet greens

Saturday, January 31
first breakfast: blueberry yogurt & pear
– buy pita bread from halal grocery
second breakfast: kale & tomatoes (on half a bagel?)
– buy cilantro and cucumbers from produce truck
– buy quart of yogurt from supermarket
*make pita chips
*make tzatziki
dinner: aloo gobi

Sunday, February 1
first breakfast: peach yogurt & persimmons
brunch: bagel & scallion cheese, bacon, fried egg
*roast eggplant & beets
*fry leeks
*make pork & bean chili
-buy more veggies at produce truck?
dinner: grab something quick by yoga studio
supper: pita chips & tzatziki, reheated aloo gobi?, ??