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So I have permission to garden in the lot behind my apartment’s backyard next year. And I think I want to start making a plan. That way, I can show it to the woman who owns the lot and have her specifically say yes and not be surprised. Also, I can show it to the guy in the apartment on the other side of lot who has also been eyeing the green space and he can pretend he gets to participate (and maybe help with the work). I can build in [insert pretty stuff here] spots for him because it sounded like he was more interested in flowers than vegetables.

I also want to mark on there which areas get the most sun (it’s a weird V-shaped pattern. And see if I can get the woman who owns it to have the junk mulberry tree cut down before spring because the other neighbor guy is attached to it, but it’s not a useful fruit tree and is listed in the Philadelphia greenlots guide as a weed tree that should be removed vigilantly – also, it’d be shading my tomatoes.

I want to suggest a small wall so that people don’t drive in and park on our seedlings and so that people are discouraged from walking their dogs there.

So I need suggestions of good edible things to plant in the full and partial shade areas.

And I’d love it if someone would volunteer to help me measure the lot – this means wearing very sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

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