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Winter is coming – Rabbit explorations

I have realised that all the food I have been saving for winter (legumes, breakfast cereals, and some frozen meat)… well, it’s time to start planning menus.

In the frozen meat world, I probably have 2 rabbits. When the supermarket across the street closed, I saw a chinese couple buying cheap frozen meat… and, indeed, there was a lot left even after all the other meat had been snagged… because there is no label on this meat positively identifying the animal of origin. And there’s a stamp saying it’s from China. So I bought two. Because I’ll try anything. Then I had a friend, who is a chef, give his opinion on the meat, and his best guess was rabbit. I have found three rabbit recipes, but I only have two rabbits. Any idea which recipe I should choose? Do you have an amazing rabbit recipe?

In the legume world, I have lentils (red and brown), split peas, pinto beans, kidney beans, and a few others. I’ll need to get my mother’s amazing recipe for red beans and rice. No clue really what to do with the pinto beans other than random chili concoctions.

And breakfast cereals — I found cream of rice! I am very excited. It should be smooth and sweet and delicate.