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Things I eat in strange ways

Nestle Signature Treasures – Creamy Caramel:
If you bite off the two ends, then you can suck out the caramel center with a *pop* and then eat the hollow chocolate repository.

Kit Kats:
So you snap off a single strip. Again, bite off the thick chocolate at the two narrow ends. Then, bite gently from the top, and you can lift off each crispy wafer individually and nibble on it one layer at a time.

So there’s the sexy way to eat bananas… and the straightfoward way… and then there is my way. y’see bananas come in (6) sections. If you break of a half or a third of the banana, you can persuade the sections to separate. It is almost impossible, however, to separate out an individual section, instead you have to eat them three by three or two by two by two.

To the best of my knowledge, every librarian has an anal retentive system for eating M&Ms, so this isn’t that strange… but I eat them in color order, in sets of twos (one for each side of my mouth)… if I have an odd number for a color, the last one gets bitten in half… dark brown, orange, yellow, red, blue, green. And I am all excited about the dark M&Ms.

Again, everyone has a routine for eating oreos… but I don’t know anyone outside my family who tries for a naked middle. Seriously. We were doing this back when we were three. You need to start with a double stuff, because the regular ones just don’t have enough middle to support the proceedure. Then… twist off one cookie. Eat it. Then you try to eat all the rest of the other cookie off of the stuffing until you have a naked middle — this is very difficult and requires much practice. Now you try it.

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