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Menu planning

Possible meals for tonight –

Meal #1 – Quesadillas
Ingredients I’d need to purchase
cheese $2-5
tortillas $3ish (I don’t buy them often, so I’m not sure)
Avocado <$1 salsa $3 mushrooms $1 Meal #2 - Eggplant curry Ingredients needed - Eggplant $1 onions $1 yogurt (optional) $2 nan (optional) $2 Meal #3 - Mushroom Risotto flavored with truffle juice Ingredients needed - mushrooms $1 heavy cream $4 (Can you make risotto without finishing cream? Cause then it'd be the cheapest by far) (ETA: yes, I know you can - but it's a question of whether it is morally right.)

pondering pumpkin bread (plus bonus soup)

I am feeling adventurous – I like cooking, but am kinda amateur at the baking.


Pumpkin Bread…

from real pumpkins or canned ones?


ETA: I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home to research recipes. Neither allrecipes.com or epicurious.com have an old fashioned pumpkin bread recipe that includes both real butter and brown sugar. Everything is trying to be different – less fat, more fiber, less spice, less pumpkin flavour (!! Why you makin pumpkin bread, then?). Probably my red checked cookbook will have the right recipe.

Why, no, I don’t get to eat lunch for another 40 minutes 10 minutes


For actual food porn content – I made a lovely soup this week.

I thawed out my remaining cubes of chicken stock (so I can make more soon! because I’ve started to think that an autumn without making stock is wasted).

Added an acorn squash. By which I mean that I washed the outside, cut of the top and tip, split it in half, and stuck it open side down into the stock and let it cook until mushy… and then scooped out the inside with a spoon.

I threw in a frozen pork chop because I figured there should be some meat. After it cooked, I trimmed and diced it.

At this point I realised that 1 squash would not be enough, so I turned off the pot and let it sit overnight.

The next day, I bought a second squash and two sweet potatoes. Rinse. Repeat. First the squash, and then I decided the soup could still be thicker, so I cooked the potatoes in the microwave and then mushed them into the soup.

Meanwhile, I melted some butter and sauteed some onion, cumin, and a winesap apple…. when golden and mushy, I added that to the soup.

In went a bay leaf, a dash of worcestershire sauce, and tiny bit of nutmeg.

Cooking. cooking. cooking. (more like 20 minutes worth)

Then I drained a can of black beans… because apparently I live in a crazy land where I can’t find dried black beans (ghetto mart would have had some before they closed, but it hasn’t reopened yet – harrumph). Beans get dumped in. And the soup cooks for the length of an episode of Spooks.

Then eating… and the realisation that I forgot to add salt and pepper… and that it’d be good with a dollop of sour cream in the middle.

Second (third?) day. Soup! With salt and pepper. And sour cream seasoned with more cumin and a smidgeon of horseradish. Very tasty!

The soup was a bit gloppy and would have benefited from a run through a food processor or blender, but I don’t believe in doing that to the poor soups. And it was quite tasty.

Really. I’ve had two other people eat this soup, and both liked it. Or said they did. But there were second helpings involved. And I’m perfectly willing to eat soup again tonight for dinner. Yum!

C is for Cookie

Apparently this is the week for really good cookies.

Here is the IM transcript of me orgasming over a cookie last night… and possibly being mocked for it:

Livia: oh my god
Meghan: what?
Livia: I bought a pastry from the halal market
Livia: and we forgot to eat it
Livia: but oh my god, it is amazing
Meghan: hee??
Livia: better than baklava
Livia: it is … it is so good
Meghan: …wow
Livia: it’s pastry and nuts and honey
Livia: and the outside is crispy but the inside is gooey
Meghan: mmm
Livia: and it’s got a little bit of chocolate drizzled on top
Meghan: mm
Livia: and it kinda tastes like really good cookie dough
Livia: I want to run right out and buy more of it
Meghan: hee
Livia: I probably could have gone a lot longer without knowing the world’s best pastry is right across the street 24 hours a day
Meghan: HA
Meghan: that’s sort of convenient, though…
Livia: in a bad way
Meghan: but pastry!
Livia: Oh, man
Livia: I could eat a whole tray of it
Livia: I had a piece about 1″ x 7″
Livia: it was less than a dollar
Meghan: woo!
Meghan: that’s awesome
Livia: I could so buy the whole tray
Meghan: for , like, cheap
Livia: oh, man
Meghan: hee

And I swear I didn’t eat it until way after dark

And then my boss just got bribed with cookies today for a special job we did – and since she isn’t comfortable with bribes, we get to eat all the cookies. So good.