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Figuring out how food works with my finances

I made macaroni and cheese for the first time tonight.

Yes, I do have weird holes in my cooking experience.

So I need to talk about money –
What would you do right after realising your financial management is way out of line? Right – go shopping.

I spent today in the Italian Market.

I bought $27.92 worth of meat for [redacted] (which is excellent because I got almost everything she wanted despite having instructions to stay below $40 – I am a great food shopper)

For myself, I bought miscellaneous chicken bits (backs and necks and stuff) for stock – a 5lb bag for $1.85. I also bought 3 chicken leg quarters ($1.38) and butter ($2.49).

Then I made a strategic error, I think, in going to Fante’s. I bought some paper tea infusers because my teaball was too small to make my tea strong enough ($5.99) — but it cost the same as the teaball I use at work, but they were out of that one. I made tea when I got home – at least the bags work well. I also bought a magnetic hook ($6.49) so I can hang my measuring cups from the range hood instead of having them just hang out on the back of the stove because they don’t fit in any of my drawers.

Trip back and forth took two tokens ($3.30?).

And then I went to the produce truck and bought a bag of potatoes and some celery ($2).

Feeling bizarrely virtuous (aside from the Fante’s part) I went to the thrift shop to see if they had a bigger stock pot so I wouldn’t have to make stock in small batches. No pot, but I ended up with a $2 sweater.

That’s all the money I spent today.
Food: $7.72
Travel: $3.30?
Miscellany: $14.48

I mean, that’s not much and kind of awesome… but on the other hand I am so not good at keeping track at all.

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