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Listing food

Food I have
Unfrozen Meat
beef leftovers from Harry’s
raw london broil

Vegetables that need to be used
some mustard greens
half a purple onion
1 red bell pepper

half a coconut in pieces
half a coconut soaking to make coconut milk
– freeze the milk into ice cubes and use the shredded meat

almost a pint of rice
a scrap of mozzarella wrapped around hot pepper stuff

Possible meals
Wednesday 5/31 (no plans, hot weather)
buy pineapple and make ambrosia
Fried rice: bell pepper, purple onion, mushrooms, greens, small coconut pieces?, some pineapple?, frozen peas, rice, an egg

To do: but binders board to size for class on Saturday

Thursday 6/1 (movie at 7:30)
Hash: bacon, harry’s leftovers, potatoes, and onions

To do: cut fabric in to reasonably sized pieces

Friday 6/2 (running around doing class prep: buy restaurant waxed paper and/or dollar store plastic tablecloths, cut everything to size)
london broil (marinate in ginger, unagi sauce, lime, and a bit of soy sauce)
mashed potatoes
grill tomatoes?

Saturday 6/3 SCA event
(bother, I’ll have to leave too early in the day to make my farmers’ market)

Sunday 6/4 bridge

Following week – probably only making dinner Monday and Tuesday – thaw 1 packet of chicken. I can make the chicken with a box mix of risotto. And then the other day I can have either cold cereal or sleazy cheesy dip just for fun. Goulash or stroganoff from the london broil leftovers

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