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Why, yes, I do compulsively make lists

Bread products
tortilla chips
1 roll
1 loaf of honey wheat bread

turnip greens
snow peas
2 very ripe tomatoes
jalepeno peppers

whole milk
cheese cubes
gorgonzola cheese
brie cheese
habanero cheese slices
horseradish cheddar
roquefort cheese made into salad dressing
goat cheese (sealed – will keep for a bit)

London Broil (has been put into freezer, marinade and all)
1/3 lb turkey cold cuts

Monday (check out Rite Aid closing sale)
sandwich: cold cuts, spicy cheese, fancy mayo, tomato, (turnip greens?), jalepeno peppers, wheat bread

Tuesday (take grapes to work)
Sandwich: tomato, brie, jalepeno pepper, wheat bread

Wednesday (see Cassendre Xavier at the Rotunda until late)
sleazy cheesy dip and chips

Thursday (Devil Wears Prada screening)
leave work at 12:30
lunch = sandwich (big so that I can order cheap things for dinner)
Farmers’ market – buy salad greens?
dinner = eat out

Friday (don’t leave the house)
Cereal for breakfast
Snow Peas – stir fried with lemons & jalepeno peppers?
Mashed potatoes (with milk and misc cheeses)
Make chicken stock?
put London Broil to thaw for Sunday

Saturday (game night)
breakfast – cheese biscuits?
farmers’ market – maybe Rittenhouse Square one, if salad greens aren’t good enough on Thursday

grill London Broil

bread pudding?

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