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freezer space

I’m feeling a bit self conscious about all the food lists. Here’s part of the deal – growing up, we always had plenty of food. We could have fed an army (a large one) for a month through careful management of the food stores in our house at any time. But that also meant that where was a good deal of wastage in our vegetable drawer.

So if I make lists and keep track of everything, I can (theoretically) eat everything before it spoils and I won’t waste. There you go.

Okay, so in this entry I scheduled the food consumption for the entire week. And I still had to freeze a piece of meat to wait until the following week.

Only now my grocery store is having some nice meat specials:
boneless skinless chicken breasts: $1.58/lb
beef chuck steak (with bone): $.99/lb
mutton (MUTTON!): $1.99/lb
(note: specials end on Friday)

And my freezer is just about full!

Oh noes!

So now I need to figure out how to use up the things in my freezer before such time as the meat would be in dire need of freezing.

Things in my freezer
in the door:
-packets of frozen chicken breasts (6 or so)
-packets of frozen ground beef (3)
-packet of frozen ground beef cooked with taco seasoning (1 large)
-box of phyllo dough
-frozen steaks (2)
-partial bag of pecans

far left:
-stacks of frozen lunches (these can be moved to work, but I like to reserve the space for future lunches)
-boxes of butter (2)
-pint of peach sorbet
-there’s a thin box of something I can’t remember what
-bag of corn (1)
-bag of peas (1/4)
-container with frozen egg whites
-container with frozen waste grease
-small container of chicken fat

far right:
-ice cube container
-ice cube trays (3) (2 are freezing coconut milk)
-bag with 5 bagels
-marinating london broil
-failed rolls (my mother made them – they are terrible rolls, but great as bread in soup or other things, very tasty, but poor texture)

middle: (most likely to be easily used up)
-gallon bag of chicken stock ice cubes
-quart bag of chicken stock ice cubes
-gallon bag of chicken gravy ice cubes
-gallon bag (so far half full) of coconut milk ice cubes
-tray of fat back cut into strips (I can give this to my mother)
-bacon rind
-bacon (1lb)
-bag of 2 bagels (2)
-bag of 3 bagels (1) – (I can give this one to [redacted])
-chicken backs
-small bottle of vodka (2)

So it looks like I should either make soup or eat a lot of bagels, and I’m not really ready to do either.

Conclusion: If I make a lot of soup, will someone else eat it for me?