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Not food – politics, sorry

My views of politics are naive and simple, and I do my very best to keep them that way.

1) I do not trust the popular media. I know how easy it is to manipulate film and images. I know how hard it is to write a story that just relates facts… and that even then our opinions bleed through in which facts are more relevant. I have listened to the news on the radio change at 5am into a completely different story.

2) I understand that I am hypocritical. No matter how much I try for internal consistency, I can not stretch the logic all the way around. *shrug* So I just go for what feels right – and am willing to change some of my opinions with enough persuading… not most of them, though.

So what do I think that is all controversial? I think that all people are human beings.

  • I think that people in any country are human beings.
  • I think that poor and underprivileged people are human beings.
  • I think people of all sexual persuasions, identities, and proclivities are human beings – and that it’s probably none of my business.
  • I think that people in wheel chairs are human beings – and the guy who sometimes rides my bus who looks like he just stepped out of the makeup trailer on a horror movie; yep, he’s a human being, too.
  • I think that terrorists are human beings. And that the word terrorist does not define a country of origin or a religious belief.
  • I think that paedophiles are human beings.
  • I think that the perpetrators of domestic violence (of any gender) are human beings.
  • I think that the Tupperware lady or man is a human being.
  • I think old people are human beings.
  • I think that people of any race, ethnicity, and heritage are human beings.
  • I think even that religious extremists and republicans are human beings.
  • I think you are a human being

And I think all human beings deserve equal rights.

Equal rights, equal responsibilities, and equal protection under law.

Now that doesn’t mean I have to actually like human beings, but that’s a different post entirely

Here is the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: United Nations, 1948. (Thank you, brown_betty.)

Here is a clever post worth reading.