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We don’t need no resolutions

I don’t usually make resolutions. I think you should live the first few months of the new year just as you live any other day.

Oddly, I have some definite plans for the next year.

  • Exercise – I have a gym membership now, so I really should go. This means going to bed earlier and spending less time cuddling Tika (my cat) in the mornings.
  • Finances – more penny pinching and tracking and more of a dent in my debts. I have no idea how this stuff works, so I won’t put a numerical goal on it. If I could be (credit card) debt free by the end of the year, that would be swell. I can not wait to go back to being more relaxed about things… well, maybe not all the way, but not this tight.
  • Relationships – I love my independence. It is very difficult for me when someone’s happiness depends upon my actions. So why am I looking for a relationship? Stop that.
  • Alcohol – I just had to throw out part of a bottle of scotch when I went to drink it new years eve because it had gone all watery with age and air. Therefore, I resolve to drink more this year. There is no excuse for having scotch linger long enough to go bad.
  • Empty space in my kitchen – I shall continue to resist the urge to buy either a deep freeze or a pantry cabinet for the space in my kitchen that would perfectly fit either of those – because I have a well stocked larder even in the limited space I have, and some day I shall have to move.
  • Music – figure out how to cancel my subscription to BMG music thingy. [ETA: DONE!] Don’t listen to bagpipes indoors.

It’s the traveling on that will be the hardest. I ache to take trips. I want to go back to Minnesota; Europe is so close and easy; and I long to see Australia and New Zealand. Maybe I shall compromise by starting a separate savings account as a travel fund… or, I should pay off my debt as quickly as possible and then start the travel fund… but the visible planning might help calm the urges… argh! Anyway, so slap me if I start talking about trip planning – the answer is NO! OOooo… did I mention that Chicago is high on the list of places in the U.S. I want to visit?