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party at the work place – Spinach Dal

My boss bought us a deli platter for lunch, and I had three tasty half sandwiches.

Now I am all full and I still want another corned beef sandwich because I never get those…

only I have to save my appetite for the amazing indian food a co-worker is cooking for some of us tonight because a woman is leaving on sabbatical. And the woman making the indian food is know as a very good cook – I think she used to own a restaurant.

Such difficult choices for me!

ETA: recipe from the Indian co-worker
Spinach Dal
Take yellow lentils (tur dal or arhar dal)

and boil until they are halfway cooked

Add a box/bag of frozen spinach and continue to cook.

In a separate pan, fry:

* small white “lentils” (gram dal or udad dal)
* fresh shredded coconut
* a couple red chilis
* asofoetida

When cooked, blend smooth with 5 or 6 spoonfuls of the spinach mixture.

Then combine everything together an finish cooking to desired consistency.

Olive Oil pimping

So those of you who actually like the food posts (weirdos that you are) – have you ever wanted to try really fancy olive oil, but not wanted to pay for it?

There’s a company in Massachusetts, Alejandro and Martin, that is giving away a sampler box of their oils.

Each olive oil comes from a different region of the world, and they say that all are made by small olive oil producers: family farms and artisan cooperatives.

And it’s free! Well, aside from shipping, which for me was about $6.50

But this is their way of advertising their company, and it’s a wonderful way to explore something new.

The offer is here.

ETA: They have given away all 800 boxes they had to give.

ETA 10/29/08: So the company is defunct. Here are the pages from the way back machine – Alejandro & Martin main page

scheduling food

No, really, this is just me scheduling food.

So Here‘s the almost current food list.

Over the weekend, I acquired roast pork, ten oranges, and four grapefruit leftovers from my parents. At the produce truck, I picked up 5 red bell peppers, a bunch of scallions, carrots, a bunch or parsley, 1/2 pint of blueberries, and 2 1/2 pints of blackberries (I went back for more twice!).

Monday, December 11th
film screening – so chili because that will reheat quickly. Pity I didn’t think to pre-bake a potato
Ooo… or how about a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries instead?

Tuesday, December 12th
Thai chicken with leeks, red bell peppers, carrots, and rice noodles. Coconut milk is a maybe.
*take ground beef out to thaw*

Wednesday, December 13th
Indian buffet at New Delhi before a movie
dessert of blackberries and cream

Thursday, December 14th
*bone and cut up pork roast – make stock with pork bones – freeze meat*
mexican ground beef casserole/giant layered dip of goodness
*taco seasoned ground beef
*diced tomato
*sour cream
*tortillas? tortilla chips?

Friday, December 15th
Library holiday party with tasty food
late supper of either chili or mexican thing leftovers
*bake something? something that’s not sticky or too crumbish*
*finish cooking and strain stock*
*set beans to soaking*
*buy chicken thighs and london broil on last day of sale, if they have any left*
If there are any blackberries left, eat them.

Saturday, December 16th
birthday freaks & geeks
*start cooking pork and beans in pork stock*
salad o’ leftovers?

food lists

food I have
6 baking potatoes
3 tomatoes
an avocado (not yet ripe)
3 leeks
red lettuce

lots of roasted beef leftovers cut into cubes
boiled chicken breast
chicken breast thawing with a lime and green curry paste marinade

got nothing

half & half
sour cream
greek yogurt
gorgonzola cheese

Now what?
Oddly, it only just now occurred to me that instead of making vast quantities of hash, I could make chili! This is totally chili weather. Oh, man, that’ll be awesome.

I had vague ambitions last night to turn the boiled chicken into coronation chicken and have it with a salad. I am a bit unsure of that, but – hey – I’ve never made coronation chicken before. Ummm… coronation chicken is a cross between a chicken salad with mayonnaise and a chicken curry.

And then I think the leeks will go with the thai chicken. And that’ll be over either rice or rice noodles.

So. By not making hash, I now have a bunch of abandoned potatoes. Hmmm… Well, I have ground beef in the freezer. And I have ground beef with taco seasoning. Maybe I’ll put potatoes, taco beef, tomatoes, and the avocado together around the beginning of next week when the avocado is ready.