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Greens abound

Yes, food again. Be glad – I saved you from a very smug post about how the slow art of making soup is so much better than a restaurant or cooking school could ever manage because the process takes *days*. It was a very smug post – you are very lucky.

Nope – this is about how I am starting to have a decent amount of food, but am not in an eating mood, so I need to organize things so that food doesn’t go to waste.

First of all, I have daisy greens. I had no idea what to do with them when I bought them, but I could not resist the little old man trying to sell a few things at the farmers’ market for the first time with every sign full of unfortunate misspellings. The one for the daisy greens had me grabbing his sharpie so that he was no longer charging $1.50 per bowel. Really, with a sign like that, how could I resist? But now the greens have been languishing and I only have a vague notion that they are still good – I might end up with a clever plan for them just in time to chuck them into the compost. Perhaps that’s dinner tonight – fried noodles, greens, carrots, ginger, and peppers. Now if only I had bean sprouts.

Next, I have a few languishing bits of lettuce. (albeit sexy lettuce) Possibly, these are also going to end up in the compost. To avoid that, we’re looking at salad Wednesday night. I’ve been trying to work in a salad for about a week, and I haven’t felt motivated. Salads are a lot of assembly and putting bits together. I like a bit hot food in the salad, too, to wilt the lettuce and gooey the cheese. Well I now have cooked chicken bits. And I have cheese. And I just need to get together the enthusiasm to assemble a salad after getting home at 9pm.

And I have collard greens. These are fairly new and versatile, so I’m not worried… but I just made stock and have vague urges toward making soup – in summer, because I’m insane – and most of the soup/collard green pairings I ship are thick hearty things. I told my mother this, and she’s rooting for me to get some butternut squash so I can make this bisque-ish soup, and that sounds totally wrong in the warm months… but I do have a pod of roasted garlic (I was using the oven, so I roasted it – no plans for what to do with it), so that’s like the soup is halfway made already, right?

What else do I have randomly running around? pod of roasted garlic, cream cheese with roasted yellow pepper and roasted garlic (enough for breakfast tomorrow), chicken stock…

Okay! I think I am good for going to the produce truck tomorrow. I think I want to get more bell peppers and roast them. I have a pie crust – maybe I’ll make a roasted veggie quiche.