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food list

What I have
a few spears of asparagus
1 pt bean sprouts
1 orange bell pepper
hot peppers
broccoli stems
3 small-ish eggplants
napa cabbage
green beans (composted)
a very few snow peas
2 pears

tail end of a container of heavy cream
1% milk
plain yogurt in need of being eaten
onion & sour cream dip

leftover pork roast
peking duck carcass (for stock)
a little chicken stock

Thai sweet-spicy garlic sauce
Dumpling dipping sauce
frozen dumplings
chinese mustard
plum sauce
1/4 pecan-topped chocolate pie

Monday, April 14
leave work promptly – stop by The Bridge and pick up comps from film festival
steam some dumplings – nom nom nom
cook up 1 cup of red rice

Tuesday, April 15
volunteer at closing night party, and fill up on free food.

Wednesday, April 16
make fried rice from veggies, pork, and red rice
thaw container of raw beef/pork

Thursday, April 17
Stir fry broccoli, meat, and cabbage, with black pepper sauce – with noodles.

Friday, April 18
random things dipped into onion dip – crackers & veggies

Saturday & Sunday

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