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pre-vacation food list

So I didn’t look through my fridge for a proper food list, but I need to make sure I have no perishables by Dec. 24th.

What I think I have
3 plums
2 oranges
several green tomatoes
10 apples
2 potatoes
1 lemon
3 limes
bunch of scallions
pint of fresh cranberries
kale (possibly getting too old)
most of a smallish head of napa cabbage
2 carrots
1 mini romanesco
3 butternut squash (only 1 is in danger of not lasting until January)
roasted onions
syrup from poaching quinces
hot peppers
various dried fruits (cranberries, dates, figs)
roasted garlic

last of the tomatoes from my mother’s garden, cooked down into sauce
orange juice
vegetable stock

Beef leftovers that might be too old
<1 pint perky beef leftovers 4 slices turkey bacon deli meat ends (pastrami?) sliced thick Dairy
qt 2% milk
1/2 pt light cream
6oz cheddar cheese
last of the prima donna

Meals I can make from that
Tuesday, December 16
2pm lunch @ Mad Mex
Cabbage, Apple, and Walnut salad – uses napa cabbage, walnuts, cider vinegar, 1/2 lemon, 2 tablespoons creme fraiche or heavy cream (I have a small container of plain yogurt), 2 apples, and maybe some of the prima donna. Maybe add cranberries…

Also, split the squash in half and roast it.

Wednesday, December 17
ETA: Go to grocery store: salad, pork loin on sale

Put most of the roast onions in with the butternut squash goody for soup. With a couple apples.

*also roast green tomato and make salsa

Reserve some to make quesadillas with the beef leftovers, cheddar cheese, and kale. And hot peppers.

prep Thursday’s breakfast

Thursday, December 18
breakfast – meusli – shred 1/2 and apple into it
Dinner – Vegetarian Hoagie from Fuh Wah
Supper – ice cream topped with heated up quince syrup, maybe also apple slices & peanut butter

prep more meusli for tomorrow!

Friday, December 19
breakfast – meusli – shred 1/2 apple
dinner – pack food for D&D? Buy lettuce for a backup salad? My lettuce is on sale, but that’d be a challenge to get through before I left. If backup salad, you can put romanesco & a carrot in it.

Saturday, December 20
make scallion cream cheese – eat a bagel for breakfast
going to Baltimore

Sunday, December 21
supper – butternut squash soup

Monday, December 22
breakfast – cold cereal & milk
Hash – 1 Potato & the rest of the beef leftovers – freeze directly into lunches
cook the rest of the turkey bacon – put in a salad with sliced onion, cheddar, and tomato. Soup on the side.

Tuesday, December 23
breakfast – bagel & cream cheese
Dinner: Mashed potato (finish off the milk, if possible)
Apple & prima donna & almond salad

Wednesday, December 24
flight leaves at 6:55 – full vacation day from work.
breakfast – bagel (finish off the cream cheese)
lunch – soup (freeze any not yet finished)
pack a dinner to eat in the airport – dry salad + any cheese still left over & container of balsamic vinegar

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