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random encounter with Coup de Taco (Philly food truck)

So there I was, walking home after having stayed at work until the place closed at midnight, when I encountered Coup de Taco, one of the city’s reknowned traveling food trucks.

Well, I hadn’t eaten in nine hours or so, and it was a bit late to start cooking (plus the depression from having two close midterm elections not turn out the way I’d hoped), so tacos sounded like a grand plan.

I parted with $6 for two tacos, and a told the guy to pick whatever was exciting or they still had a lot left over from the day.

While I was waitinng for my order, I saw a regular come by to order, and I overheard them warning him that with his peanut allergy he shouldn’t order the thai taco. I was impressed by that.

My order did include the thai taco and a cuban one.

I ate the cuban taco first, and I liked it so much that I stopped halfway through lest the thai one not be as good. The cuban one was similar to dinners I’ve made in the past – soft rice, several kinds of beans (at least small black beans and garbanzos, but there might have been another kind what with it being dark at midnight and all), a little bit of tomatoey goodness to cook in – but crunchy with small pieces of chips. Very tasty.

But the thai taco was even better. Fragrant fluffy rice was beside chicken cooked, not in the easy bought thai curry paste I expected, but in fresh seasonings with a mild hint of sweet and chili. And fresh herbs! There was at least a full sprig of crisp cilantro (still very fresh for it being midnight) and I suspect that if I’d dissected my taco there’d have been another herb there as well (a mild basil?).

So what were they doing there at midnight? I asked. Apparently, the colder weather had led to slow lunch sales, so they are going to try late night sales for a bit near bars closing for the night.