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random weekend in the middle of the week – Pick Your Own

I had Jury Duty. Only I called the night before and was told they didn’t need me. So did I go to work like a responsible citizen? No! Of course not! I took today off work. Whee!

Plan a: wake up at 6:30am, get on the road by 7:15; get to a pick your own farm in New Jersey by 8am; pick stuff; drive to a pick your own farm in Pennsylvania; pick more stuff (they have late season strawberries!); have lunch with my parents; drive home; pick up two yoga classes that I usually am working during and have never tried these teachers.

How did that work?

Well, I got out of the house more like 8am. Still pretty darn perky.

Got to the PYO farm in New Jersey. I really like this place; it has a huge variety of things to pick. I started off with slips to pick blackberries and blueberries.

blackberries I love blackberries more than any other fruit-type thing. When I was little, we had blackberries growing in our backyard: tight, little fruits full of flavor. And I’m always a bit disappointed by these lush, overflowing things that have been selected as the ideal blackberry. Well, it looks like the breeding of grafting or whatever you need to do to make the big berries, isn’t 100% because I could find more compact berries on the same brambles as the juicier ones. \o/! So I went down a row and back up and had filled my two containers-worth of blackberries. (and then there was a moment of ick, when my feet, wet with the lingering dew of the humid summer morning, hit the sandy driveway… and there was unexpected sandiness of unpleasantness.)

blueberries I caught the trailing end of the blueberry crop, but I’ve always had a fondness for smaller berries, here, too. So it just took a bit more patience to pull a berry here and there until … well, the container wasn’t full, but I was done.

(side note: that’s twice now this week that I have seemed to be overheated without feeling hot at all. I’m a little worried by this development, but I figure summer won’t last too much longer and my body can figure out its issues if I give it time)

So I decided not to pick peaches or white grapes or anything else on offer, but I did buy some peach and nectarine seconds. (and, yes, a doughnut – they were making them on site)

And then I drove straight to my parents’. We went out for lunch. I suggested the little Mexican shack that had opening up fairly close to their place, but my mother said there was a place in town that was better… turned out to be Qdoba (WTF parents?). Apparently, they’ve started doing their regularly because it is right next to the social security office. (awww… old parents) But they were paying, so I only hassled them a little about it.

Gave them some blackberries and drove home and took a nap.

In the dysfunctional food vein

If I make it through the night without devouring the cheese dip (even a little bit), I get blackberries with real sugar and milk for breakfast.

ETA: Did not eat more cheese dip. Had blackberries for breakfast. Harrumph – next time it’s with heavy cream! Cheese dip and tortilla chips are now safely located at work where people who are not me will eat them.

ETAA: Gad! I got into work at 8am! (I’m supposed to be in at 9am, but I thought I’d sneak in before the rain starting coming down.) And the whole rest of the week will be morning hours, too.

scheduling food

No, really, this is just me scheduling food.

So Here‘s the almost current food list.

Over the weekend, I acquired roast pork, ten oranges, and four grapefruit leftovers from my parents. At the produce truck, I picked up 5 red bell peppers, a bunch of scallions, carrots, a bunch or parsley, 1/2 pint of blueberries, and 2 1/2 pints of blackberries (I went back for more twice!).

Monday, December 11th
film screening – so chili because that will reheat quickly. Pity I didn’t think to pre-bake a potato
Ooo… or how about a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries instead?

Tuesday, December 12th
Thai chicken with leeks, red bell peppers, carrots, and rice noodles. Coconut milk is a maybe.
*take ground beef out to thaw*

Wednesday, December 13th
Indian buffet at New Delhi before a movie
dessert of blackberries and cream

Thursday, December 14th
*bone and cut up pork roast – make stock with pork bones – freeze meat*
mexican ground beef casserole/giant layered dip of goodness
*taco seasoned ground beef
*diced tomato
*sour cream
*tortillas? tortilla chips?

Friday, December 15th
Library holiday party with tasty food
late supper of either chili or mexican thing leftovers
*bake something? something that’s not sticky or too crumbish*
*finish cooking and strain stock*
*set beans to soaking*
*buy chicken thighs and london broil on last day of sale, if they have any left*
If there are any blackberries left, eat them.

Saturday, December 16th
birthday freaks & geeks
*start cooking pork and beans in pork stock*
salad o’ leftovers?