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Plotting dinner

I have a chicken leg quarter marinating in a garlic and basil salad dressing.

I also have asparagus.

So I’m thinking I want an asparagus and pasta dish on the side of my roasted chicken. The big question is just how caloric I want to make the sauce.

I could do anything from a light drizzle of olive oil over the pasta with sauteed asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and garlic.

I could make a bechamel sauce… as of this morning, my milk was still good and tasty, but it is getting on toward the end of its window of goodness and could turn ornery at any time.

I have a lovely blue cheese that I had bought for eating plain, but I could chuck that into a sauce (or crumble it over the plain pasta).

I have parmesan cheese, which is definitely going in.

Right now (i.e. while I’m hungry) I think I should add as much sexy creamy fatness together as possible. But any way I make it, it will be tasty. Such a hard decision – I will be thinking about it all day today. Well, not all the time, but off and on.