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food food food

Okay, so there was a lot of food cooking this weekend. The lamb was around the tenth level of awesome, and I ended up having someone to help me eat it – and *still* had leftovers. And then I made stock… even though I have no room in my freezer. Right. So. Making lists.

Bread products
heel ends of honey wheat loaf
tortilla chips
pita bread
banana bread (brought that into work and am eating it now)

Meat products
1/2 leg of lamb (packaged up and ready to be frozen as soon as I sort through and compact the freezer) – frozen
roasted lamb leftovers
1 sandwich-worth of cold cuts
stock on the stove in the fridge

whole milk (reaching expiration fairly soon)
gorgonzola cheese
habanero cheese slices
horseradish cheddar
sour cream
yogurt cheese
tzatziki sauce
seasoned yogurt sauce

jalepeno peppers
6 tomatoes
partial head of red lettuce
2 cucumbers
1 zucchini
2 bananas
leftover mashed potatoes

Monday (no commitments)
strain stock and put in fridge
clean out freezer
sandwich: bread ends, cold cuts, lettuce, habanero cheese, tomato, seasoned yogurt sauce
maybe also a bowl of cereal with a banana

Tuesday(no commitments)
risotto: lamb stock, red wine, truffle essence, zucchini, sour cream, spinach?
freeze risotto
lamb & spinach curry
And cucumber and tomatoes – should I marinate in balsamic or a lighter vinegar and dill?

1/2 day, going out to dinner with my mom

dinner after work with <[redacted]> and [redacted] – ACK! Are you guys picky eaters? Could I cook? Please?

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