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scheduling food

This week, the food scheduling is easy:

– Tonight, there will be the zucchini risotto made with lamb stock
– Tuesday, there will be a box mix of milanese risotto with chicken (the chicken is thawing with the seasoning packet and some olive oil as a marinade)
– And Wednesday will be taco-ish hamburger helper (and the ground beef is thawing with my favorite steak sauce as a marinade)

On the other hand, scheduling my life is hard:

Monday through Thursday
I am working only half days.
A friend’s husband is visiting, so I have let him know that I am willing to drop everything to spend time.
Another friend would like unpacking help, but I don’t know how my schedule will be.
It is very hot, and my apartment has no air conditioning – on the other hand, work is quite temperate.

I also have concerts to go to Tuesday and Thursday nights.

I have to decide whether I want to go to the Serenity screening at midnight Friday.

And then I have company coming for the weekend. There’s a cool concert at the Kimmel Center, but I have no idea how much patience they or I shall have.

And I have to get rid of them in time to consider whether or not I have the energy to go to another concert (Dar Williams) on Sunday night (which would mean driving to the suburbs and then having trouble finding a parking spot when I drive home).

And then another concert that next Wednesday.

And then the next weekend is the incredibly massive cooking and organizational challenge of moot – and I still haven’t finished reading my Thai cookbook. Things might be a bit amateur. I am sure they will still be edible.


After that, it’s all smooth sailing…

Until July 14th and there are housewarmings, a film festival, a friend visiting, and flying off to Comic Con all within the span of a week.

I think I might be bailing on more than one of these. Maybe.

Which brings me to the invitations:

I have free tickets (plural!) to concerts at the Mann, if anyone wants to join me.

Tuesday, June 20th

DVORAK Carnival Overture
BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto
RACHMANINOFF Symphonic Dances
with fireworks

Wednesday, June 28th

STRAUSS Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks
DVORAK Cello Concerto
STRAVINSKY Suite from The Firebird
with Yo-Yo Ma

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