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Food, glorious food

This weekend I went to the farmers’ market, which I have missed for the last thousand weekends. Also, it was finally cool enough to do some real cooking – I roasted some lamb and made stock from its bony bits!

Food I have
a big purple eggplant that needs to be eaten soon
1 small white eggplant
3 small zucchini
2 ears of corn
apples from the tree in my backyard (suited to cooking)
1 plum
1 banana

beef roast leftovers (these need to be used soon)
lamb leftovers! (about enough for 2 large meals, or 5-6 smaller meals – and since I am a little short of freezer space at the moment, I might go with small meals… but I have greatly decreased my backlog of stored lunches)

tzatziki sauce
moldy cheese
a little bit of chevre left, but it ended up being kinda soapy

my almonds are getting old
mashed potato leftovers (pretty much a full meal)
1/2 a carton of creamy butternut squash soup
lamb stock (still needs to be cooked a little longer and strained)

Meal planning
Monday, August 14 (supposedly the hottest day of the week)
roast eggplant until the skin is crusty. Grill onions and cumin in ghee – add eggplant – add some tomatoes – figure out whether you want it more like spicy indian food or mediterranean with some oregano and cinnamon
– cook the mushrooms as a side dish

Tuesday, August 15
beef leftovers sliced thin and put with gravy.
make a lot of rice and thaw chicken creole and stew in fridge to make lunches

Wednesday, August 16
Lamb & zucchini with pasta and breadcrumbs. That was amazing last time I made it, and it reheated well.

Thursday, August 17
Grilling – any leftover zucchini, the eggplant, the corn (if it’s starchy, I’ll sautee it with butter and salt, instead), some onion, and maybe hamburgers as well
Fresh Grocer – buy oil-cured olives for Saturday

Friday, August 18
go to grocery store – buy two bolar roasts, if they are pretty ($1/99/lb!)
pack up the chicken in my freezer
go to my parents’ house
eat with them
Make blue jello

Saturday, August 19
Lemon Chicken
Blue Jello
something resembling a vegetable
(go to parents’ farmers market early enough to get eggs)

My mother has recently been told by her doctor to eat more fiber, and she ended up hating my favorite of the high fiber cereals. So, at least as long as that box lasts, I am trying to eat breakfast on weekdays.

I tell you, that stuff about not skipping breakfast is crap! I doesn’t make me any less hungry throughout the morning. It doesn’t give me any more energy, either. If anything, it makes me more hungry since my body is all, “Oooo… so we’ve started eating already? Let’s keep that up.”

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