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I got so much done yesterday. Apparently, they desperately need me to work on Friday, so I got to take of early yesterday to make up the hours. Whee!!

I signed up for gym membership! So now I have to actually start going – Eep!

I stopped by the Office of Off-Campus Living and asked whether there was anything I could do to get my property manager to get rid of the poison ivy – and the woman had the brilliant idea to sent me over to the University City pseudo-police. The guy there called over and was all intimidating to my property manager without ever telling him who had placed the complaint. It sounds like something might actually get done! Well, somewhat – even if my property manager is wonderfully vigilant, there is still a main root originating on a property not owned by my guy.

Then I stopped by my grocery store – who have healthy pasta on sale. I have been refusing to switch over because regular pasta is often on very cheap sales, but hey – sale! So I bought penne for the vodka cream sauce I’ll be making this weekend (vegetarian company coming and my mom accidentally bought a quart of heavy cream in stead of half&half).

And then it rained – gloriously. I love rain.