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Food rambling – you know the drill

food I have
Collard Greens
5 large potatoes
1 very very ripe tomato
1 zucchini
5 bell peppers

roast pork leftovers
lamb shank leftovers
london broil marinated in garlic black pepper chinese sauce

bread products
but I now have a bread machine

a little bit of 2% milk that’s just not going to last
a little bit of heavy cream that’s totally going in tea

food I can make from that

Wednesday, September 13 *done*
collard greens & tomato cooked down with seasonings and some bouillon, served over rice Maybe the lamb leftovers on the side

Thursday, September 14 *done*
grill zucchini & onions. Add Pork. then what? how should I season this one? Cajun-ish with rice and a can of beans?

put pork roast scraps & bone in a pot with the lamb bone. Add water & maybe some carrots – I’ve never heard of pork stock, so not so much a proper stock with veggies as a concentrated yummy liquid in which to cook beans later.

Friday, September 15
taking my mother out to dinner

Saturday, September 16
Freaks & Geeks (dinner out?)

Sunday, September 17
dinner with my parents because they’ll be in the city for a conference
cut up stuff for tomorrow

Monday, September 18
london broil, bell pepper, onion, carrots, garlic -> stir fry
see if I can work a potato into this dish

Tuesday, September 19
pork leftovers with potatoes and bell peppers to make hash.

Put beans to soak

Wednesday, September 20
cook beans in pork broth

make mashed potatoes for dinner
collard greens

Thursday, September 21
beans & rice
collard greens

Friday, September 22
If going to New York, don’t buy any more perishables!
If staying home, head over to the evening farmers market

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