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soup queries

Ever since I had a cold last week that had me with almost no appetite, I’ve been having trouble getting back to normal.

I drank about 6 liters of water yesterday, and I still feel dehydrated.

And I keep being ravenously hungry and then getting full on small portions – and then being ravenously hungry again.

This is relevant because I was going to make soup yesterday, but I only got as far as deciding that I’d try roasting again and putting the sweet potatoes, garlic, and apples in the oven before I gave up and made myself an omlet.

So here’s the thing. I shall be making sweet potato and apple soup tonight. To eat tonight and tomorrow, but with no other leftovers. And then next week, I shall be making pumpkin soup. I want this soup and the pumpkin soup to be very different soups.

So I have three roasted sweet potatoes, a roasted pod of garlic, 3 small roasted apples, and a whole bunch of not roasted apples.

First question is whether I put them in a stock base or a cream sauce base.

Cumin or not to cumin?

I think the pumpkin soup next week should have lentils in it. And maybe tamarind. That’ll make it different. I’ll have to buy lentils.

Comments suggested:

You could make next week’s soup a thai mulligatawny, with thai green curry paste, a cinnamon stick, lemongrass, minced ginger and garlic, red lentils, and then, added at the very end, some coconut milk and lemon or lime juice and fresh cilantro.

1 part lentils to 3 parts pumpkin