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food lists

food I have
6 baking potatoes
3 tomatoes
an avocado (not yet ripe)
3 leeks
red lettuce

lots of roasted beef leftovers cut into cubes
boiled chicken breast
chicken breast thawing with a lime and green curry paste marinade

got nothing

half & half
sour cream
greek yogurt
gorgonzola cheese

Now what?
Oddly, it only just now occurred to me that instead of making vast quantities of hash, I could make chili! This is totally chili weather. Oh, man, that’ll be awesome.

I had vague ambitions last night to turn the boiled chicken into coronation chicken and have it with a salad. I am a bit unsure of that, but – hey – I’ve never made coronation chicken before. Ummm… coronation chicken is a cross between a chicken salad with mayonnaise and a chicken curry.

And then I think the leeks will go with the thai chicken. And that’ll be over either rice or rice noodles.

So. By not making hash, I now have a bunch of abandoned potatoes. Hmmm… Well, I have ground beef in the freezer. And I have ground beef with taco seasoning. Maybe I’ll put potatoes, taco beef, tomatoes, and the avocado together around the beginning of next week when the avocado is ready.