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food list – after bridge night

EEP! I have a lot of miscellany right now, so I might need to add to this randomly

1pt (+ a little) half&half
1qt 1% milk
sharp cheddar cheese
cream cheese
small bit of plain yogurt
larger bit raita
scallion cream cheese

Turkey deli meat cubes
a few scraps of deli meat ham
lots in freezer
cooked strips of bacon
Harry’s beef leftovers

Pita (mostly gone)
english muffins
bagels out the wazoo
pie crust in fridge

fried leeks
baby bok choy
bean tops (greens)
red leaf lettuce
shredded chinese cabbage/lettuce
habanero peppers
orange juice
coconut/pineapple juice – opened

a few mini samosas & indian spring rolls
asian dipping sauce

This week’s outlook

Monday, January 29
8-5:30 work
Dinner: cabbage, turkey bits, carrots, and flat noodles all stir fried together. Possibly, a bagel on the side. samosas and spring rolls!
Borrow friend’s cooler?
Do dishes
Vacuum apartment
remove tablecloth from work table, and put work back on it.

Tuesday, January 30
pack up all frozen leftovers and take to work – store in upstairs freezer
8-6 work

  • take rest of binders board home
  • look at new office space – do I need to take tea home? No 🙂
  • mending

Dinner: greens! Something with greens! Ummmm… greens cooked with garlic and oyster sauce and eaten in pitas?
Buy stuff for moot: chicken breasts

Wednesday, January 31
do dishes!
return those two books to library
8-6 work

  • return disaster recovery books
  • take home mythology and bookbinding books
  • take home contents of top drawer of filing cabinet>
  • take home tea?
  • periodicals

Dinner: whatever GeeksDoItBetter wants
Crafty night:

  • cut white paper for textblock
  • fold paper and put it in the press
  • fold grey paper
  • cut album pages to height
  • watch Firefly

Put chicken in fridge to thaw
Buy for moot: lettuce

Thursday, February 1
pack for moot before leaving work – possibly put outfits in individual bags, so the rest can stay in the car – pack the Vellux blanket
take box with handles to work
8-5:30 work

  • move content of filing drawer to new office
  • totally swap out rubber band bowl for a tin and take bowl home
  • party?
  • more mending
  • Periodicals

Needs to be in car for moot: my clothes; my laptop (plus E drive); things hopefully in a cooler (chicken thighs, chicken breast, lettuce, blue cheese dressing, extra pack of frozen mini samosas); blanket

Friday, February 2

Saturday, February 3

Sunday, February 4
leaving moot

Monday, February 5
9-5 new job OMG
Dinner: broccoli?

etc. etc.

Friday, February 9
9-5 new job – decide if I am trained enough for the evening shift

Saturday, February 10
take in dry cleaning
get suit jacket hemmed
3pm linner @ Cherry Hill Buca di Beppo

Sunday, February 11
go out to dinner for Peking Duck at Yang Ming – Woo!


Okay, so I need finger food stuff.

Here’s my food list. In addition to that, assume I have most basic ingredients and some nifty condiments.

I am thinking that the corn bread muffins should be split in half and toasted. Then topped with fried leeks and something else. What is the something else? I could maybe buy ham and have a chunk of that on each, but that’s the best idea I’ve had so far.

I’ll probably just slice some garlic on the pita bread, drizzle it in oil, and toast it into pita chips. Should that have a dipping sauce? If so, what?

I have meatballs in my freezer. I could also pull them out and put them on skewers.

Additional suggestions from comments:

corn muffins + leeks + goat cheese

Spring roll wrappers filled with habaneros, cream cheese, goat cheese, then fried

Spring roll wrappers filled with cabbage, leeks, lemongrass, with or without chopped pork, and fried

My eyes!

So the library recently accepted two huge cookbook collections on donation, and this is a source of joy for me. Some of them are more fun to mock, however, than to actually use.

Case in point: James Beard’s Casserole Cookbook

The back cover says:

Remember — cooking casseroles is an ego trip. Broil a fine steak and people say, “What a good steak!” Whip up a scrumptious casserole and people say, “What a great cook!” And they are right.

But what is even better is that each recipe has a little blurb/quip to match it

  • Veal Roast in Casserole – tender and juicy
  • Calf’s Heart – something of interest
  • Pork Steak in Casserole – catch that aroma!
  • Veal Surprise – savory and flavory
  • Beef Casserole with Olives – exotic touch
  • Boeuf a l’Ail – for adventures
  • Tripes a la Nicoise – ever try tripe?
  • Quick Beefsteak Pie – after a steak
  • Corned Beef Hash in Casserole – real eye opener
  • Pork Chops with Sauerkraut – stag-night special
  • Braised Short Ribs with Mushrooms – educated ribs
  • Liver Loaf – good for everything
  • Browned Chicken Casserole – plenty of garnish
  • Chicken Goulash – for grand affairs
  • Chicken Hash Mornay – glamor added
  • Chicken Mexican – this will keep
  • Turkey-Olive Casserole – interesting combination
  • Roast Turkey Sesamine – really exotic
  • Lobster au Gratin – for royalty only
  • Broccoli Souffle – pretty special
  • Cream Succotash – for company
  • Plaza Succotash – rich potpourri
  • Stuffed Tomatoes – can’t go wrong
  • Savory Stuffed Tomatoes – anchovy added!
  • Baked Cauliflower – glamorized favorite

food list

Food I Have:
some half & half
pepper crusted goat cheese
cream cheese

chicken stock
3 chicken thighs, thawed, marinated in soy sauce and rice vinegar
pork roast leftovers

2 english muffins
3 hamburger buns
several pitas
corn bread muffins
bunch of nifty noodles and spring roll wrappers

habanero peppers
baby bok choy
bean tops (tasty greens)
chinese lettuce/cabbage

Meal planning:
Tuesday, January 23 – bring rice in from car – freeze stock in ice cubes
cook the chicken thighs with some onion, garlic, and ginger
Make half of the bean greenery, sauteed with garlic
cook short grain rice with lemongrass
freeze leftovers

Wednesday, January 24 – pick up laundry – buy potatoes & tortillas
make samosa filling
eat some for dinner
salad: lettuce, gorgonzola, grilled onions, toasted almonds

Thursday, January 25 – buy greek yogurt
stir fry broccoli, pork leftovers, shredded cabbage, onions, garlic, habanero and then toss with slice noodles
freeze leftovers

Friday, January 26 – assemble samosas. freeze some, refrigerate some – make shrimp dip
dice pork, freeze bone and skin in one bag, and most of the meat in another
cook some pork & what greens are left with a bouillon cube and a can of tomatoes, eat over rice in pitas.

Saturday, January 27 – bridge
samosas, shrimp dip & crackers… I need at least one other finger food option.