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food list

what I have
3 red bell peppers
several wee indian eggplants
2 zucchini
red oak leaf lettuce
1 lb baby chinese greens
2 oranges
habanero peppers
2 apples
1 lime

lamb roast leftovers
lamb bones to make stock
pork stock
turkey breast, thawed, marinated in orange juice/soy sauce/rice vinegar

a little bit of sour cream
a good bit of homemade raita
enough gorgonzola cheese for 1 1/2 salads
mild cheddar cheese
cream cheese

a little bit of homemade apple/habanero chutney
yellow split peas, sorted but not yet soaked

food I might make
So I thought that I’d cook beans in the pork stock (because I have still not been brave enough to try pork stock in a dish where you’d actually be able to taste it), but the legumes I most want to cook are the split peas… I am not sure these two should go together. I might try it anyway. Reassure me.

So I’d start the peas tonight while making…
the marinated turkey. I think I want that to be a light dish… I could just cook it plain and eat it, but I have these vegetables. I could make something thai with it… Hmmmm…

Lamb leftovers: I have vindaloo seasoning from Penzey’s. And then a not-spicy eggplant curry on the side? Mmmmmm!

Red peppers and zucchini not used in the turkey dish will be broiled in oil! And then I’ll think of something to do with them from there.

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