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food list – Eggplant & Cauliflower Curry

food I have
2 tomatoes
1 broccoli stem
collard greens
wee baby eggplants

chicken stock
leftover rotisserie chicken
leftover roast pork

cheddar cheese
cream cheese

scheduling food
Wednesday, April 4
dinner:risotto with chicken, broccoli, and stock

Thursday, April 5
Asian grocer: oyster sauce, sesame oil
start: pork leftovers, diced onion, oyster sauce – long cooking until the pork completely shreds
breakfast: collard greens w/ tomato over bagel with cream cheese
dinner: eggplant and cauliflower curry

Friday, April 6
produce truck: scallions
grocery: buy cream cheese and chicken leg quarters
breakfast: collard greens w/ tomato and egg in tortillas
dinner: make sticky rice balls with pork and scallions

Saturday, April 7
now that the large pot is empty of pork, make stock with chicken and duck carcasses.

recipe? for eggplant & cauliflower curry
Well, here’s the plan of approach for the eggplant & cauliflower curry

Char eggplant skin under broiler and then scrape out the goody once the eggplants have cooled enough to be handled.

Set to making basmati rice with turmeric.

Melt a chunk of ghee. Grill down onions. Add minced garlic and ginger. Add diced cilantro stems and jalepeno pepper meat. Add spices… I think I’ll crack open the garum masala mix from Penzey’s and see how that does.

Once the spices have grilled a bit, add the eggplant and a can of tomatoes.

Cut off just the cauliflower heads, in rather small pieces. Mix the cauliflower into the pan.

Taste and fiddle. And cilantro leaves?

Problem: I cut the cauliflower finely because nothing else had much texture, but that leaves me with cauliflower stems to figure out what to do with.