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Organizing food

I’m just not good at eating with the hours I work. I have to push myself to eat something breakfast-ish by the time I leave the house (noon-thirty), and then I’ll try to stop for lunch around 5pm, but by the time I get home (anytime after 9pm and before midnight-thirty) I am not ready to have a big meal before bed.

This is completely throwing off my economical cooking patterns. All I want are quick snacks.

So healthy food for proper meals is piling up:

Eggplant – roasted and diced and ready for curry
crudite: yellow squash, carrots, broccoli, a little green bell pepper
collard greens
1 lemon

2 chicken leg quarters, thawed, marinated in red thai curry paste
spicy beef chinese leftovers
(need to buy a package of chicken leg quarters)
Chinese pork on stove

package of matzoh

Meals *** in this order ***
Eggplant & cauliflower curry
red thai chicken curry
chinese pork with scallions and sticky rice
vegetable quesadillas