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Schedule for this weekend

do dishes
pick up dry cleaning
put D&D book in bag
1-9 work

eat breakfast: collard greens & bagel
10am Farmers’ Market? I’m not sure I need anything there.
grocery store: 2% milk – sale items?
Produce truck: ginger, 2 tomatoes, scallions, carrots, mushrooms, celery – and another acquire wooden crate for composting
vacuum apartment
clean bathtub
finish unpacking from Seacouver and Boston.
take down curtain in kitchen (leave up the bedroom ones)
plant lettuce, spinach, and scallions!
boil chicken, onions, and celery
make thai food
put up boiled chicken in fridge
eat some thai food – freeze the rest
vaguely clean kitchen floor

make bed
eat breakfast: collard greens & bagel
do dishes
make chicken raft
clean table
do more dishes
clean table again
clean rest of bathroom
Have people over – force them to watch Stargate and eat food.