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I am so very tired. And hungry. I’ve got no idea why the latter one, since I did eat lunch. There’s plenty reason for the former one, since for the last two days I have been coming in at 8:30am to train on of the new student workers (and then taking a break so that I can still stay until 9pm and get paid the evening differential) – and then I might have gotten so engrossed by the internet last night that I forgot to go to sleep.

I have beautiful lettuce for salads (bought, not sprouted) that needs to be eaten that I just don’t have the energy for tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I am so grateful I have off tomorrow.

I also have some onions, potatoes, and coconut milk that I was going to whack together with a yellow thai curry sauce – but that, too, sounds like too much work and not enough instant gratification.

I have hot dogs in my freezer, so I could just get a loaf of bread for 99 cents and boil a couple wieners. That’s probably the best option… but crawling to a restaurant and making other people feed me is very tempting right now.

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