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Another food list

So I still haven’t emptied much from my freezer, but I did acquire more food when I was home this weekend. Therefore, more planning.

food I have
1 potato
3 grapefruits
jalepeno peppers
[broccoli leftovers]

scallion cream cheese (1/2 – 1 bagel-worth)
a little whole milk
a little heavy cream
*plenty of cream cheese*

chicken stock
a lot of ham
pork shank leftovers

curry leftovers
1/2 blackberry pie
1 slice coconut cake

meal planning

Monday, March 24
skim fat from potato soup in process, mash a bit, season, and cook more
make 1/4c rice to package up curry into lunch
dinner: eat leftover broccoli & pork shank

Tuesday, March 25
7am – Pilates?
breakfast: coconut cake & grapefruit
adjust soup
buy bread
dinner: soup & bread

Wednesday, March 26
breakfast: bagel & scallion cream cheese
dinner: soup & ham sandwich

Thursday, March 27
breakfast: blackberry pie & grapefuit
pull out pork roast & stuffed cabbage to thaw
buy tomato sauce
dinner: soup & ham sandwich

Friday, March 28
8:30am – workshop
breakfast & lunch: included
dinner: with D&D peoples

Saturday, March 29
Can I adjust the oven racks so that I can roast the pork and cabbage rolls at the same time?
Cabbage rolls -> packaged straight to lunch portions
Pork – How do I want to make it? Do I want to have a marinade while it thaws?

Sunday, March 30
12:30 – astronomy lecture & star wars tour @ Franklin Institute
dinner with parents – Shula’s or Sang Kee

That’s still not putting a dent in the freezer, but it’s a whole week without buying anything except a fancy loaf of bread and possibly cereal, since I’m out and there’s a sale.