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More lists than my average food lists

So a while back, my grocery store had a (no entry fee) sweepstakes where the grand prize was a big ass television or some such. Luckily, I won a secondary prize: $100 worth of groceries to be bought all in one go, with no change given.

So, of course I’m going to list every item (39 of them) for you:

  • Things to use/serve socially
    • 2L A&W Root beer
    • 1 jar salsa, medium
    • 2 bags Herr’s potato chips (of which I have already eaten one *facepalm*)
  • Potentially healthy diet-ish foods
    • 2 jars salsa, hot
    • 1 lb whole wheat rotini (pasta)
    • 2 5oz packages of sexy spring mix lettuce (because I am a total sucker for spring mix)
    • bag of Carolina brown rice
    • *multigrain* tortillas (yeah, I don’t even know if they fit in this category, but I have developed a passionate love for tortillas based on their infinite shelf/refrigerator life and tastiness)
  • Kitchen staples
    • 5 lbs granulated sugar
    • 1 qt 1% milk
    • 2 boxes gallon ziplock storage bags
    • 4 jars pasta sauce (so one is vodka cream sauce, but the other three are perfectly respectable)
    • jar of pimentos
    • 3 cans coconut milk (and I had a complete brain fart and got the full fat variety because I can get cool international brands)
    • 1 can of red salmon
    • 2 jars of peanut butter (crunchy for eating, creamy for cooking)
    • bag of chocolate chips
    • dishwashing soap
  • Random sauces/condiments for fun
  • Impulse purchases
    • 1 qt whole milk yogurt (I hovered between nonfat and whole milk yogurt for a while, but I couldn’t ring myself to do it yet. Now I need to think of something to cook with it)
    • 1 gal orange juice
    • a flour sifter
    • 2 (small) containers of Edy’s Dibs
  • For the person accompanying me on the expedition
    • bag of generic frosted cereal
    • Carr’s Whole Wheat crackers

And what did the total come to with tax and all? $100.89! I have a feeling that I should have been able to make it stretch a little farther, but I got it right on the nose. Yay math!

But you know what? I was totally virtuous in not buying the velveeta, but I have just remembered that I promised to make my sleazy cheezy dip this weekend, so I have to go in and buy some anyway.

And I also have stuff in my fridge
string beans (I don’t really feel like eating string beans, but my mother bought a ton of them and split them with me – feel free to inspire me)
broccoli (+1 stem because I used the other head for dinner last night)
hot red peppers
3 small zucchini
2 packages of lettuce
2 tomatoes
some baby carrots
2 limes

duck stock
4 oz tandoori turkey that turned out rather well

a little bit of roasted red pepper cream cheese
1% milk
1qt yogurt (unopened as of yet)

Meal Planning
I have no plans!

Ummm… Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll blow everything on lunch with my mother and the neighborhood ladies at Buca di Beppo (I want cannelloni and the escarole side) and there will probably be leftovers to bring home and add to this list of food

Friday – I guess I’ll be eating the tandoori turkey (with one of the green things as a side – maybe also a salad so the lettuce doesn’t go bad before I can eat it)

Saturday – I’ve plans to go to a barbecue (taking sleazy cheezy dip) And if I haven’t eaten them yet, maybe I’ll slice (lengthwise) the zucchini and marinate it in olive oil and Penzey’s pasta sprinkle for grilling… maybe.

Sunday – Eep! I am hosting people. I have made no food plans. Maybe I should start a soup on Friday so that it’ll be especially tasty by Sunday. That would give me something to do with the stock… I need to check and make sure the stock is still good. I’ll boil it tomorrow morning and set some aside for my mother (assuming it’ll be good since it should still be happy)

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