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Food list

So the goal is to use up all of my perishables by mid-day Thursday

What I have

1 plum
2 tomato
6ish new potatoes
portion of spring mix (salad greens)
collard greens
1 zucchini
broccoli stems

opened jar of salsa
1/2 jar pasta sauce
1 qt orange juice

thai roasted beef (enough for two salads)
chicken/duck stock (not used – boiled, though, so it should last another week)

whole milk (just enough for 1 more bowl of cereal)
half pint heavy cream (unopened)

What I should do with it
Okay, so two salads are a given.

I think I should make soup, but it has just been too hot to consider it. And I don’t feel like a minestrone (bunch of vegetables just glommed together with a can of tomatoes and a starch)-type soup. Maybe something with beans. Or cream. Or something. I am not inspired.

So I’ve got potatoes to do away with. And a little bit of a diet (though I did make tasty mashed potatoes with full fat dairy products and collard greens (is it still colcannon if you add dairy products?) the other day with no problems in diet land.

Oh, and spaghetti sauce. Last time I made pasta, I threw in all kinds of veggies (including broccoli), so maybe I’ll save that as the Wednesday night dinner that cleans out the last of the fridge.


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